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Founder Lester L. Buttram heard from God in 1926 a very clear instruction — “Print My Word.” Then the Lord placed certain conditions on how the Word would be printed and distributed.

First, never would a price or cost be placed on any of the literature because the Good News is freely given by God.

Secondly, Mr. Buttram was never to promote a particular denomination or church doctrine.

From these simple, yet direct guidelines, The Gospel Tract Society was formed. Within hours of hearing from God, Mr. Buttram withdrew $7.10 from his bank account and went to a print shop in Springfield, Missouri. He boldly told the owner of his burden to publish Gospel tracts, and asked that she print as many tracts as she could for that small amount.

Mr. Buttram married Ethel Berneice Viola Theimer in 1940, and together they had four children: David, Paul, Tom and Phillip. Lester Buttram passed away in December, 1990, and his wife Ethel (Mom B) took his place as president untill her passing in October of 1992. From October of 1992 until January of 2006, Lester and Ethel’s eldest son David served as president of Gospel Tract Society. Currently, our ministry is guided by David’s younger brother Tom Buttram.

The core values begun by Lester Buttram in 1926 remain today. We still print and distribute God’s word through the printed page and make these materials available to anyone who can genuinely use them—and we still rely on financial gifts from our constituents to continue our operations.

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